Mythic Wolf

4.4 out of 5 stars.
Follow the Wolf on a quest for treasure with Mythic Wolf, Rival's latest 5 reel mobile slot. Watch the Wolf as he's howling at the moon and running through the forest. Mystical icons include the Moon, Magic Feathers, a Mystic Coin, a Diamond, a Wolf head, and Howling Wolf. Remaining icons include the traditional playing card values – 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace.

The Running Wolf icon is Wild!

The Mythic Wolf Super Round awards free spins and is triggered when three or more Magic Feather icons appear.

Watch out for Random Wins during regular game play and during the Mythic Wolf Super Round!
Game provider Rival
Game platform
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Game reviews
Joel B
July 09, 2024
Entertaining for sure
Gary T
July 07, 2024
James s
July 05, 2024
Played well
Paul B
July 05, 2024
Never got bonus wins aren’t big enough wen do win not really a win just a cheaper spin really
Craig A
July 04, 2024
Substantial wins
Might not seem like it at first but I really liked it cuz when you would win it was generally a bigger win:-)
Shukhrat U
July 02, 2024
Mystic Wolf
john B
June 29, 2024
great game
loved it
Rigoberto G
June 29, 2024
Diane Z
June 24, 2024
Fun game
Good payouts, I played quite a while with the 50 free games
Kara T
June 22, 2024
Mystic Wolf is awesome!
Lots of fun, lots of free spins. Good pay out. I love this game!
Nathan K
June 21, 2024
Mystic wolf, great game to play
Awesome game
Tamikia S
June 19, 2024
Great Game
It’s is really good and very fun as well as many wins.
Daniel R
June 16, 2024
Great game
Rhonda H
June 12, 2024
Really Fun
Enjoyed it very much
Lavell W
May 30, 2024
This one here
This is one of the best game I have win on in a while thanks
Tina B
May 29, 2024
Mystic Wolf
This is a great game! You won’t be disappointed playing this one.
Chris H
May 18, 2024
Lots of fun
This one is a keeper, the bonus round and free spins keep it entertaining.
Matthew B
May 13, 2024
Great payouts
This game is amazing and the payout are huge I won over 1100.00 on a spin and bonus
Michael H
December 28, 2023
Fun Game
Lots of fun.
Rhonda P
December 14, 2023
Bruce E
December 11, 2023
fun game
Lorna M
December 10, 2023
Heather K
December 08, 2023
More bonuses
Never hit one bonus. The bonus is what makes each game fun and exciting.
Kimberly O
November 25, 2023
Loved this game
Crystal L
November 22, 2023
Love this game..
pamela w
November 17, 2023
Enjoyed playing
Marla M
November 16, 2023
this game rocks
Sonya J
November 14, 2023
MYSTIC WOLF is a visually stunning slot game with an engaging theme and exciting gameplay. Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned slot enthusiast, this game has the potential to captivate you with its mystical charm and the allure of the wolf.
John A
November 14, 2023
Top game
good game to play
Derek F
November 13, 2023
Great game
This is one of my favorite games on this site it pays well and the casino does a good job at maintaining it
Donna C
November 13, 2023
Money Maker
If you're running low on money, this is the game that can put your bankroll back on the positive!
Mary H
November 12, 2023
I win regularly on this game. Very easy to understand. Tons of fun, lots of bonus opportunities.
Stephen F
October 28, 2023
Thank u
Thank u I enjoyed it.
Ronald A
October 27, 2023
The game I love
Very exciting especially with free spins..the winnings add up fast.
Tommy D
October 27, 2023
Must play for wins
Great game that is fair and challenging I really enjoyed it
Matthew D
October 17, 2023
sweet game
game was pretty generous loved all of the free spins! thank you!
Kawana W
October 02, 2023
September 26, 2023
Game còol
Game was fun
Megan J
September 22, 2023
Review for Game
This game is so cool and the chances of winning is always in your favor! i love playing this game :)
Jesse R
September 22, 2023
High bonus rate
This game takes a while to win really big, but the bonuses come frequent enough to keep you in it. Fun to play and lets you play with the same buy in for a good amount of time.
Soua L
August 24, 2023
Fun Game
If you are looking for a slot that will give you a decent play out of, this is the one. The bonus comes quite frequently and pays out a decent amount. This is one of my favorite slots on here.
Dayton C
May 13, 2023
Little overrated?
Mythic Wolf can be fun and I used to play it more. There really is no potential for a HUGE win. You can be betting $5 a spin, hit the bonus, hit a few 10x and it’s still only like $200. Same with the bonus game within the bonus game. If you like the way this game plays, as I do, there are games similar with a higher potential return on this site. Go play Lion’s Roar or Jumping Jaguar. Very similar mechanics but chances at much larger wins
Michael B
May 13, 2023
Very good game
Very good game
Sarika C
May 04, 2023
mystic wolf
I truly love this game you get lost in the visual.
Jenay P
May 01, 2023
It's ok
Haven't seen any winnings yet and played 20 bucks
Heather S
April 16, 2023
Pretty good
It was a good game that yields some money but its hard to get the bonus, even after 50 spins.
Andrew H
April 14, 2023
Was alot of fun
Felipe G
April 14, 2023
good game
very nice game, need better sound but overall good
Kaleb S
April 11, 2023
Best one on here
this game is really hit or miss but when you’re hitting you’re winning big. Be careful with the large bets though
aron s
March 21, 2023
good game
i enjoyed playing this game
Landon E
March 20, 2023
Weakest game ever
This game it seriously trash I've never found a game that every single thing you can get on there is less than what you bet it's f****** horrible it's a joke I'm never wasting Another Dollar on this stupid ass game I don't know how people are winning on it and they put it up on the thing like people are hitting jackpots on it cuz it's b******* f*** this game
Rachael B
March 16, 2023
Needs more work
Love the website but the games need a little upgrading
jaime s
March 15, 2023
it was good
it was good
Angel E
March 08, 2023
hot game
very kool game gives lots of bonus all the time. will recommend
Broderick B
February 02, 2023
nice gameplay could be better
Heather T
January 26, 2023
kinda disappointed!
this was my second promotion. i dont even recall the 1st one. i deposited 2x and got this deal on almost my 3rd deposit. thank god i didnt have to deposit the 3rd time. This was my 1st day playing w yall. so i give 3 stars!!! ill come back and re review if yall get back w me. Please and Thank u
Michael M
January 22, 2023
mystic wolf is awesome
if you havent play this slot yet, i donno what you are doing...
Dee B
January 20, 2023
Mystic Wolf
I enjoy this game. Great graphics and fun to play. The rewards could be better.
Eric W
January 09, 2023
Great game
Could use a little more payout but overall it is a good game
John S
December 31, 2022
Awesome Free spins a bonus round
awesome game consistent wins winning
Christopher J
December 30, 2022
New comer
Great game enjoyed playing these
danielle t
December 24, 2022
corny graphics but good game
The graphs are pretty cheesy but the game is definitely worth playing. Very generous with bonuses and the parking is decent. It was a great way to kill some time lol
Phillip L
December 24, 2022
Good game
Very responsive good pay out
Felicia T
December 16, 2022
Howling Good Time
I absolutely love this game! The wolves are plenty on these reels and it’s an extra bonus when they come howling with multipliers. When I see one feather I know it isn’t long before the three feathers send me into bonus spins where the wins are wonderful. Glad this game is still around it is always my go to and the moon is always shining bright. Hoooowwwwlllll
Jeffrey N
November 29, 2022
Mystic Wolf
I've yet to cash out any winnings but that's not to say I haven't won paying this game. Great graphics and substantial winnings can be earned.
Latheshia G
November 14, 2022
Nice payouts
cristina T
November 10, 2022
mystic wolf
i really like this game
Ashley H
November 03, 2022
Christopher H
October 23, 2022
Excellent Fun
This is a great place to start off in this casino!! Thank You
Tim M
October 14, 2022
fun but the music is a bit
Brian H
October 11, 2022
Nice game
Bonuses are fun
Tina K
September 25, 2022
I love this game
Mary D
September 09, 2022
Jason R
September 03, 2022
Not a fan
I play this game on all the casinos and its one of the lowest paying and no excitement slots i have ever played.
Damon D
August 31, 2022
my favortie
best one ever
Krystal M
August 05, 2022
Mythic Wolf *Great Game*
Great Game pays out good. Hit free spins a bunch of times I give this game a 8
Amanda M
July 28, 2022
Nice slot
Mystic Wolf is one of my go to slot Games. It’s fun and I look forward to the multipliers.
Sarah R
July 09, 2022
One of my Top games 2 play.
I have got 2 say, this game is one of my Fav..I know that I'll on this game. Maybe not a ton, but it'll get me ahead 4sure.There's been some rare occasions its failed me. Typically I've found that so long as I have a little cushion room 2 begin with eventually I know that this slot will allow me 2 actually win something. I honestly can not say that about most slots so that in it of itself speaks volumes in my opinion. I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND PLAYING THIS GAME 4 SURE.. It's totally fun&I honestly do not get bored playing it at all...
Mason A
July 08, 2022
Needs additional features
There's no jackpot or anything big that you could possibly win except for the feathers and the dice. I got the dice 1 time out of 8,0000.00 USD and the feathers like 10 times but it was a nosedive straight down to zero. I have tried this game many times because they give you the free 100 spin promotions and I usually win around 60.00 on the 100 free spins @ 5.00 per spin and then I stay and play whatever I won and its a straight dive to zero. I just went about 60 spins without making 1 cent. This game needs some serious dev work. For one there should be a jackpot (either random or progressive)that you can win. There should also be other kinds of bonus rounds and these bonus rounds should give you something when you hit the bonus round like Cleo does. You go into the bonus round making 5x your initial bet. Beware unless some big changes are made!
Virginia P
July 01, 2022
Mystic wolf
It's a fun game to play I played it on another game before and I liked it
Massimo R
June 18, 2022
I love wolf
My favorite game, crazy free spins!
Josephine H
June 16, 2022
So far so good
Daniel S
May 12, 2022
Extreme Volatility
I dont think RTP is good on this game, you could go hundreds of dead spins, spend thousands to get into a bonus, and every bonus pay you a 0-1x your bet.
Keith F
July 29, 2021
every time you hit the button you get charged a bet so what happens is you never see three feathers then you just pay and pay and pay you can never get ahead I wait 30 minutes to get three feathers to show up and it costs me $200 ripoff
Jessey W
July 14, 2021
Awesome game
Andrew G
June 25, 2021
Just incredibly awesome effects and the payouts I had so many big wins mystic wolf gets 113% full throttle because this slot machine had me calling my boss letting him know that I'm going to quit you guys want to play a good slot machine entertaining and win some money you came to the right place mystic wolf get it it's a full moon....
Kyle p
June 19, 2021
Love this game
Free spins
Teri V
April 26, 2021
Good Game
Enjoy playing
Arthur K
March 04, 2021
Didn't win but...
My favorite animal is the wolf, so this was a must play for me. I had fun even though I only leave this game with a Nickle ($0.05) in my account. I will be back again just because I am a huge wolf fan.
Alisha W
December 24, 2020
Slobodan K
November 26, 2020
Free spins
Robert C
September 09, 2020
Fajna nie zawiesza sie za bardzo chcociaz mogloby byc troche lepiej ogolnie nie ma za bardzo na co nazekac .
Bussaba H
August 27, 2020
Jane G
August 11, 2020
Most Popular, I believe it!
I can see why this is a most popular game. There's no muss, no fuss, and the winnings pour in. One spin, 7 free spins, another free spin 5000 coins, and on and on. Every spin was a win, big or little. And the sound very unobtrusive :)

Mythic Wolf is one of the best redesigned 5-reel mobile casino slot games we have to offer here at DuckyLuck Online Casino. If you like slots, this game is tailor-made for you. If you want wolves and mysticism, then this is most definitely the game for you. Bet on up to 50 lines and spin away to win the big bucks either during regular play or during the bonus “ Mythic Wolf Super Rounds.” The “Mythic Wolf Super Rounds” are triggered when three or more Magic Feather icons appear on the “Mythic Wolf” slot machine.
Like most slot games, the rules are fairly straight forward.

Press spin to begin your wager while using the current bet amount, the “Select Coins” button on the machine is used to choose the number of coins you want to wager per active betting line(s). Bet Max selects the maximum number of lines and max coins per line; it begins the wager immediately when you press it. “Auto” Allows multiple spins to be played automatically although this feature is only available during Real Play.
This online casino game isn't just another robotic machine slot, it's a lively, vivid and exciting casino game that will have you spinning for hours on end. 
The running wolf icon is “Wild.” The “Mythic Wolf Super Round” rewards you with free spins and is triggered when three or more Magic Feather icons pop up. It's not a machine like slot experience, but a rewarding online casino experience. You can win many ways during regular play and even more during the “Mythic Wolf Super Rounds.” Mystical symbols are as follows; the “Moon,” “Magic Feathers,” “Mystic Coin,” “Diamond,” “Wolf Head,” and “Howling Wolf.” Non-mystical icons are classic playing card icons so; one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace.
You will be howling to the moon when you gather all the magic feathers and wolf down on all the jackpots the magical and mystical super rounds have to offer.
Use the best welcome deposit bonus around at DuckyLuck to your advantage on the Mythic Wolf Slot and win real money today. Use the free spins to bankroll your fun on Mythic Wolf.
Best of luck!

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