8 Best Gambling Guides and How-To's

People who were born before the 80s will relate to this question: How on earth did we ever manage without the Internet? Well, not that well really, depending on the subject for which information was needed. People had to rely on newspapers and magazines, home encyclopedias, or the local library where they may or may not have found the information they were looking for.

And then in the 90s (hallelujah!) came the age of the wonderful World Wide Web. Whatever its faults (and there are many), the Internet has opened up a world of readily available information and entertainment – including online casinos like DuckyLuck! Which brings us to the subject of this blog – where to find useful and important information on everything gambling? Look no further, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve carefully curated a selection of informative websites that offer great info on a whole range of must-have gambling knowledge, with some fun elements too.

Keep in mind, that while we direct your attention to the below sites, by no way do we condone following any guide or how-to, without making your own educated decisions!

1. win.gg has some basic info for beginners which is good solid advice such as setting limits and sticking to them, choice of games, betting strategy and so on. All these basics are fundamental to your expectations and enjoyment of online gambling. They also have a page on ‘The ultimate beginner’s guide to betting on the world of e-sports’ for those who are interested in getting involved in this popular form of gambling.

2. ‘How to Play at Online Casinos: Top 10 Tips’ sounds good, and it is. Short and sweet, it offers 10 pointers to keep in mind and keep you on track.

3.‘Casino Strategies to Improve Your Chances of Winning’ is also a list of tips like the one above, but goes into each strategy in more depth. It is intended to address tips for gambling at real-life casinos, but the advice equally applies to gambling online. Both this website and the one above emphasize that alcohol and gambling often don’t mix that well, leading you to play recklessly with the potential to lose a lot more money than you had planned. Good advice, we think.

4. Casino.org has a great page with about 50 articles ranging from how to play poker like a pro, to how to cope with winning the lottery (yeah, don’t we wish we had that problem!), and from a beginner’s guide to betting on the Super Bowl to how to find a last-minute wedding dress in Vegas ¬– plus everything imaginable in between. You’re sure to find some great tips as well as entertaining reading here.

5. This web page lays out the various betting strategies that could work for a variety of table games as well as e-sports betting. This is a synopsis of fairly advanced strategies, but for those ‘new to the game’ it could be a good idea to try out one or two of them ¬– it seems like it’s certainly better to have a plan than go in flailing around in the dark.

6. This article promises to deliver ‘10 Expert Tips to Improve Your Chances of Winning in Online Casinos’. While each of these blogs does offer some variety on the subject, you’ll notice that they are all fairly similar in their core advice, so these are obviously common sense tips to bear in mind.

7. This page is devoted to all the ins-and-outs of blackjack and is sure to be a very useful guide for those who want to challenge the house and hopefully win more often than lose. The info is very detailed and includes a ‘cheat sheet’ that tells you what to do when various permutations of cards are dealt.

8. The author of this blog directs his advice both to the beginner and to those who play poker but need a few timely tips to pick up the pace on their game and test some new skills. Although this article is mainly about poker played with a number of people in the game, the rules, strategies and cautions apply to all types of online (and real-life casino) poker games. Even if you’re not a fan of poker, picking up tips and opinions from the pros makes for interesting reading and may pique your interest enough to give poker a try.

Now, you pick what works for you!

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