De-Stigmatizing Slot Play

It’s me, Lucky Duck, back again with another fresh blog post for you! Here’s something that’s been on my mind lately… Nowadays, most people that I encounter understand the joy of slot play (especially online slot play over at, and don’t judge me for playing – fantastic! But still, once in a while, I do run into someone with old-school thinking. So, I’ve decided to write this post here, to shed some light for anyone who needs more perspective!

I Set A Budget...

What it really comes down to is the bottom line: When you play responsibly, slots are awesome fun. I try to play smart – I only spend what I can afford to lose, and I hope you’ll do the same. Whatever my choice for fun on a given day (casino, movies, theme parks), I just set a budget, and I stick to it. That way, I don’t feel bad if I’m unlucky at the slot machines – I budgeted for it, after all! It also makes things that much sweeter when I WIN!

Slots Entertainment is Entertainment, Right?

The more I think about it, spending money on slots is really no different than spending money on some of those other forms of entertainment I mentioned above. People do spend money on those things all the time, without a second thought. When you go out for live theater, you pay some money, according to your budget, and then you go and have a good time! And it’s really the same thing with slots – you pay money, you play games, and you have fun, even if it doesn’t happen to be your lucky day. But by golly, as a bonus, you could win big! When’s the last time that happened to you at Phantom of the Opera?

A Little Perspective

I also think it’s important to remind naysayers that there are many worse things you or I could be doing with our time besides playing slots. I’m not gonna name names here, but you can certainly use your imagination. Slots, when played responsibly, don’t do any damage to anyone. There’s nothing wrong with having fun playing casino games, and – as a bonus – they’re not fattening! (A duck like me has to watch his waistline, after all.)

So, if you’re an avid slot player like me, the next time someone scoffs at your fun, responsible hobby, just link them here. I think they’ll change their mind – there’s no reason not to! Tell ‘em Lucky Duck sent you, then watch their reaction when they realize you’ve been getting life advice from an actual duck. Bye for now!
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