Live Casino Games vs RNG Casino Slots Explained

If you have ever played casino games, you will have experienced the thrill of “real casino gaming” and if you have played online casino games, you will have experienced the convenience that online gambling has to offer. So what are the differences between live casino games and regular casino games both at land based casinos and online casinos? Here we take a look at the nature of all kinds, to give you a better idea of which would be best suited to your gaming preferences. 

Explaining the Basics of Live Casino Games at DuckyLuck Casino
To better understand the dynamics of live casino games, you’ll need to know the differences between the most general gaming categories, including live casino games. 
What Are Land Based Casino Slots
These are your typical slots games that are played at a brick and mortar casino; they are limited to the games that are kept within the walls, yet have an appealing quality because they offer a unique feeling of excitement as the hustle and bustle adds to the appeal of land based gambling. 

How Do Land Based Casino Slots Differ from Online Slots?
These types are internet-based games that are offered by reputable online casinos, such as, who are continuously expanding their database of games, allowing you to expect more games regularly. Typical online casino games use RNGs (random number generators) to determine the outcome of a win, which allows for fair play gaming and accurate winning combinations. Land based slots often run on a reel system that is mechanical. This, sometimes, makes casino goers think there is a degree of timing to playing a machine. Online slots are random every single spin so there is no timing involved. 

Where Do Live Casino Games Fit Into This?
Live casino games are more personal, visual and intimate. These are RNG (random number generated) games that allow you to see the dealer shuffling a deck of cards, dealing them at the roulette or blackjack tables, and ultimately allowing players a more intimate gaming experience at the tables. Slots, however, often feel robotic as they are more impersonal and lack the personal touch of a live casino game.
Live casino games are played online using modern high-grade technology that allows players to interact in real-time with professional table game dealers. This combines the convenience and the advantage of variety that online gaming has to offer with the ‘real gaming’ experience of land based gaming. In addition to this, many players prefer live casino games as the outcome of a win is seen live and therefore players feel more in control. 

Who Are Live Casino Games For?
Anyone seeking a personal and more intimate gaming experience. Live casino games are ideal for the player that enjoys a more authentic gaming experience rather than a more mechanic one such as the nature of online slots. Online slot definitely have their place in the online gaming experience with their high pace and endless variety, but the live casino experience brings authenticity to the online casino experience.

The Advantages vs. Disadvantages of Live Casino Games
Depending on how you look at it, some factors may determine what gaming preferences you have. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of live casino games should help you decide which type of gaming is better suited for you. 

Advantages of Live Casino Games

Personalized Gaming Experience - Online gaming isn’t that different from land-based gambling, however with the lack of human interaction, online gaming can sometimes lack appeal to die-hard land-based players. Live casino’s bridge the world of land based casino gaming and combine online gaming with a personalized experience that holds the same appeal as regular gaming. 

Real-Time Gaming – You are able to enjoy a ‘real’ gaming experience from anywhere in the world at any time and you are playing with dealers and other players in real-time, allowing you all the pleasures of land based gaming from the comfort of our own home. 

Live Chat Feature – Some live casino games have enabled a live chat feature which creates a direct line, allowing dealers and players to simultaneously connect. This allows you to create a personal connection with your dealer or fellow players.

The Private Feeling – For players seeking a more private, intimate, and exclusive gaming experience, one that is unique each time, there are high buy-in tables that require larger minimum buy-ins to qualify for a seat at the table. These tables offer a more exclusive feeling as players are immersed in a realm that includes only the dealer and the player. This sensation alone allows for a private (or "Prive") experience, coveted by many live casino gaming enthusiasts. 

Additional Live Play Bonuses – Signing up with online casinos often allows for innovative bonus opportunities which can be used at designated live casino tables, an advantage rarely available at land based casinos. 

Exciting Gameplay - Live casino games offer a unique and thrilling experience. Playing with players with a similar interest in gaming, being able to interact with the dealer at the table, and exploring a dynamic way of online gaming add to the excitement of each live casino table game at DuckyLuck Casino.

Variety – If you are less attracted to the more mechanic nature of online slots, the variety of live casino games will hold much more appeal. The very nature of these games alone attracts players with an advanced thirst for exclusivity and quality gaming. 

Disadvantages of Live Casino Games

There are many advantages to live casino gaming as many would agree. However, just like with anything else, what has an advantage also has a disadvantage. Here are some of the worst-case scenarios you may encounter when playing live casino games. 

Potential Poor Connectivity – This is something that may happen and when it does it’s generally from a poor Wi-Fi connection. This may affect any bets placed, however, once a player establishes a strong connection to their router, no interruptions should interfere with the game. 

Live Casino Tables Volume – Some live table games will fill up quicker than others, so if you have your eye on a game, you should log in before the table fills with other online players. 

Signing Up for Live Casino Games or Online Casino Games at DuckyLuck Casino
Whether you want to play regular online casino games or live casino games at all that is required is an account. Signing up only requires a few steps and players can play both online and live casino games as a DuckyLuck member. 

Live Casino Games Summed Up
If you are looking for a more tailored gaming experience, one that delivers the feeling of a ‘real’ gaming environment, allowing you to interact with qualified and professional dealers, live casino games should thrill you to your core! These are fun-filled games that have been attracting players from all around the world. Using the latest gaming technology you can look forward to faster connectivity, smoother streaming, and enhanced graphics and audio quality, making every live casino game at DuckyLuck a new opportunity to explore the innovative way of modern gaming!

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