Tips To Improve your Poker Game

Texas No Limit Hold ‘em Poker is probably the most popular poker game. It’s got everything ¬– major excitement, some serious decision-making, observing and reading your fellow players, all with mounting tension, moments of hope and all-too often often dashed expectations right up to the end. In other words, extremely engaging entertainment with a large serving of adrenalin.

Now, of course there are hugely experienced players who will always have an edge over any newbies, but there’s also no reason to constantly make rookie mistakes with every hand if you observe a few rules and tips from the pros. Which is what DuckyLuck online casino has gathered together in this article to help you on your journey to the big league (or at least a few steps along in the right direction!).

Play fewer hands and play them aggressively

Limit your starting hands pre-flop or you could slowly but surely leach away your chip pile. Develop a strong pre-flop strategy and don’t be tempted to play mediocre or unpromising hands. But when you are dealt cards that are great or look promising play each hand equally aggressively, so other players can’t figure out how good a hand you are actually holding.

Don’t be the first player to call the big blind

Calling, instead of raising, also known as limping, is unwise for a number of reasons. Firstly, that puts you out of the running to win the pot pre-flop. Secondly, this piques the interest of the other players who might stick around instead of limping themselves. By raising pre-flop, encouraging others to do so too, when the flop comes you may have a winning hand.

Use your position on the table strategically

The closer you are to the dealer, or dealer button, puts you at a distinct disadvantage, as you are going in ‘blind’, while players further down the table are able to pick up a lot more info and are in a better position to make informed choices. The rule of thumb is to play fewer hands when you’re in the first couple of places next to the dealer or button, and more when you are in a more commanding position round the table, as you are much more likely to win the pot there. The best position is to be the button, of course!

Fold when you’re unsure

Even if you’re dealt something worthwhile, like a high pair, a good player might have a feeling they’ll be beaten anyway, and fold. Knowing when to fold is a skill learnt by many years of playing the game. It is said that calling too often and under the wrong circumstances is the second fastest way to lose your money at poker. (The first is injudicious bluffs.)

Only play in appropriately-matched games

As poker requires varying degrees of skill (and some luck obviously), it is absolutely a sure bet that if you join a poker game of seasoned players and you’re a rookie, you will lose. Again and again. And again. You want to put yourself in a position where your chances of winning are good. That means playing with players of equal or lower skills than yours. You should be a better player than 50% of your opponents if you want to go home with more money that you came with.

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