Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Online Slot Gaming Experience

If you’re already a fan of online slots, then you’ll appreciate why they are such an entertaining way to pass the time. (Also you’ve come to the right place - DuckyLuck Online Casino has an awesome collection of the very best and most poplar slots!) Sometimes the repetitive spinning of the reels is soothing and meditatitive, while at other times there’s great excitement when landing a bonus feature or winning a jackpot and a little shot of adrenalin kicks in.

It’s true that there is not much skill needed to play slots, but you can improve your experience and have a ‘game plan’ to ensure you get maximum enjoyment from your session. Every slot game presents you with different ways to win, and the extra features could take your experience to the next level. Here are a few general tips and facts to help you get the most from online slots.

1. Choose high RTP (Return To Player) slots

This is arguably the most important slot strategy. Before playing a slot check what the RTP of the game is, ususally found right at the end of the game rules in the information section. The RTP is the percentage of bets that are generally returned to players over time. If an RTP is, say, 95%, then the remaining 5% constitutes the ‘house edge’ – the casino’s profit margin. A high RTP increases your winning potential significantly. Some slots have RTPs as low as 93.5%, but ideally, the RTP should be 95 percent or even up to 98%! That’s not to say that you still can’t win with a low RTP, but probably the next player might not be so lucky. 

2. Take advantage of no-deposit bonuses

These bonuses allow you to play a slot and get to know how it works without risking your money. PLUS you have the potential to win real money! You may only need to deposit some money when you want to cash out a win. Go through the terms and conditions to ensure that you are getting the highest value for your money. Bonuses and free spins usually limit you to a game that the casino has nominated, but there’s nothing wrong with a potential win for free!

3. Choose slots that match your mood and interests

Obviously, this does not apply to the bonus free spins where the slot is specified, but there are literally hundreds and hundreds of slots to chose from. The wide variety of available slots means there is something to suit everyone’s taste. If you’re looking for high-octane entertainment, choose from sports, horror, extreme fantasy or crime-based themes. If you’d prefer cute baby animals, cartoons, candy or Cupids, there’s a whole bunch to choose from. History or mythology? Ancient Egypt, Greece, China, Rome and Aztec culture are there waiting for you. Pandas Aplenty, Dozens of Dragons, movie-inspired themes, African animals, Zany Zombies … we really offer the A-Z of slots at DuckyLuck Online Casino.

4. Pick slots with lots of extra ‘bells and whistles’

If you are looking for generous wins, always choose slots that come with bonus opportunities. Wilds and Scatters, Random Jackpots, Bonus Rounds with Multipliers, Free Spins and games within games not only make for a more exciting gaming experience, but also provide lots more winning opportunities.

5. Check the pay tables and rules before playing

Before playing a slot, always go to the info section and see how much each symbol pays out for being in a winning combo, what special symbols pay out when triggered in a particular way and whether the paylines are fixed or if you can choose how many you want to activate. Go with online slots with plenty of extra features to improve the value of your bets.

6. Beware the pitfalls of progressive jackpots

Wide-area progressive jackpot slots may have eye-watering jackpot amounts, but remember your chances of winning it are almost as low as winning a state or national lottery. What a lot of players also don’t realize is that you have to bet the maximum amount to even qualify to win this elusive prize. If you’re a casual player with a fairly small budget, better not to have it eaten up in a short time and lose all the time you could be having with small bets stretching out your pleasurable entertainment. You could even be modestly growing your bankroll with sensible play.

7. There are no ways to manipulate a slot

Like all online gambling machines, each outcome of a slot spin or card deal is totally unpredictable, as it is being controlled by an RNG – a Random Number Generator – software that has been tested and guaranteed by an official gambling board to be fair, unbiased and accurate. An RNG is like luck itself – totally random and couldn’t care less who is deserving or not of its favors.

8. Don’t chase your losses

This applies to most gambling games, of course. If a slot is not doing it for you, taking your money and giving nothing back - in return – stop! Take a breath, take a break, end your session or move onto a different slot. There are plenty more fish in the sea, as the saying goes; same goes for slots.

9. Have a budget, and stick to it

Slots are very addictive – that mesmerizing click and spin, click and spin, click and spin, with enticing promises of a big win or two, or even three. They were designed that way, to pull you in, and have been very successful at it too, as slots are probably the most popular casino game by far. However, not everyone’s finances allow for limitless losses. Set yourself an overall budget of what you can afford to lose – daily, weekly and monthly – and never go beyond that. No exceptions, never. If you come out a winner, congratulations! But don’t spoil gambling as a form of entertainment for yourself by being reckless.

10. Surprise yourself – try something new

If you’re stuck in your comfort zone, playing the same couple of slots, why not as a social experiment try something completely different? It could be a slot with a very different theme, or even a whole new game! Ever played Blackjack, or Roulette, or even Video Poker? There’s so much to explore at DuckyLuck Online Casino. Whatever you choose, may luck be on your side.

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