Understanding Slots Etiquette

Anyone who has ever worked in an office, been to a restaurant, or frequented social establishments - such as land based casinos - can tell you how important etiquette is. While etiquette is often observed in all walks of life, one wouldn’t often expect there to be specific sets of etiquette that apply to casino goers - but there are! Casino gaming etiquette is exceptionally important, and if you are new to gaming or want to better understand the fundamentals of elite gaming, you will need to understand a few specific pieces of etiquette that apply.

Stealing Slot Machines
Many casino goers follow a few unspoken rules that help keep order in the casino environment. New players may not have the same level of understanding as frequent players, at both online and land based casinos. These rules aren’t overly complex, but can really help a new casino goer feel more comfortable in the casino environment.

One of the principal rules of good casino etiquette is to never steal a fellow casino goer’s slot machine at a land based casino. Brick and mortar casinos usually section their slot machines in the middle of the floor and are played by several people throughout the day and night. Many players enjoy playing more than one casino slot game at a time – sometimes up to 3 or 4 machines at any given moment. In some instances, a player will observe the slot gaming area in search of a machine that has been played multiple times but has yet to payout a substantial sum. As we have touched on before in previous blog posts, slot machines have the perception that they should payout a specific amount during a session or after a number of spins. Though we know the payout is at random, some players with bad etiquette will take a game that has been played (but hasn’t paid out in a while) - from under the nose of a fellow casino goer as they step away for a few minutes. This is in hopes that after a few spins of the reels, the game will land a winning combination offering a substantial win. Taking advantage of slot goers in this manner is mightily frowned upon and players should avoid this entirely when gaming at land based casinos.

Online casino gaming doesn’t allow for this as players can play multiple slot games without having a game stolen by another player. This has added a specific attraction to online slots gaming. Many players will agree that online slots gaming holds more appeal, just for this reason alone, over land based slots. When players sign onto their online accounts, there is no possible way of jumping onto someone else’s machine and stealing their potential wins. Your session is your session and you don’t have any pressure from anyone else to end your session early or have the possibility of your machine being hijacked when you aren’t looking.

Betting Behind Players at Live Online Casinos
Betting behind a player, although not common, can quickly escalate into an unsavory experience. This is the act of one player betting on a seated player’s hand. Some 
live casinos allow for behind bets, however, not all players appreciate it. 

This type of betting happens when a table fills up and there are no seats to play take. A player can still participate in rounds by betting behind a player who is seated. This happens often in 

If you are looking to bet behind someone, take care to not interfere with that players game. We advise that you should try and allow the player the space to play their hand without distraction. Players without good etiquette would start to backseat play and interfere with the player and the hand. This can often lead to negative interactions between casino goers. We advise that you observe a player playing a few hands before betting behind them to make sure you’re comfortable with their play style. Don’t expect them to win every hand, and if they do lose, don’t be rude about their decision making. Accept the loss and don’t bet behind the person again.

In the online context, at DuckyLuck you can bet behind players if the tables are full. Good etiquette still applies here. We advise that you observe a player, make sure you’re comfortable before betting behind someone. Try to refrain from using the chat to interact with a player negatively.

Luckily – with DuckyLuck you don’t often have any issues with finding seats at tables like you would in the land based casinos. There are several tables available at any given moment in time.

Good Etiquette – Tipping Dealers
Just like the movies, rewarding dealers, after a stroke of luck and a few good wins, is considered to be good etiquette, and some players even consider it to be good luck! Tipping on big wins or a profitable round is not an uncommon custom and is really the equivalent to saying ‘thank you’ to the dealer for making the win possible. Many superstitious players believe that tipping the dealer is good luck.

Taking One For The Team
Table players sometimes ‘take one for the team’ when a table is full. This is good etiquette for players who are dealt a bad hand but continue to play the hand through in order to help their fellow casino goers. Players who don’t understand this concept will often just fold against a picture card when they feel they have a weak hand. When the dealer pulls a picture card, usually a Jack, Queen or King, you would then try and pull as many cards as possible to put the table at an advantage. This allows the other players to determine what could be dealt next and which hands are most likely to win by estimating the probability based on what has already been distributed.

Lobby Chat of Live Casino’s
Live casinos allow lobby chats so that players are able to interact with their dealers and one another. It is bad etiquette to abuse the dealers and fellow players in the chat room by being rude. These chat rooms are geared toward providing players with a friendly means of communication and as such players should use manners and respect one another by being friendly and polite, after all, players are there to have fun!

Listening to Your Dealer
The dealer is in control of the tables and what he or she says should be adhered to. Should your dealer call out for last bets or perhaps conclude the game by saying no more bets, do not argue. New players may feel they can twist the dealer's arm and place one last bet after the dealer has called for no further betting, but this is not possible. The dealer is following the rules of the house and players should keep this in mind. New players should follow the guidance of their dealers as these are the people that may even guide you to a win!

Good casino etiquette is appreciated by dealers, casino owners, and players. It is simply extending a hand to help those around you, being friendly and aware of those who are seeking the same great gaming experience at slots or table games. Land-based gaming requires players to remember as much of the above mentioned as possible to fit in amongst seasoned gamers. However, if it’s overwhelming, you can always turn to online gaming, where etiquette isn’t as necessary and your gaming experience is always a great one! Especially with DuckyLuck.

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