Winning Lottery Numbers? Yes Please!

Everyone buying a lottery ticket is hoping for the same thing: to become an overnight multimillionaire, give up your boring old job and live it up large! The trouble is that a lot of other people are also hoping for the same thing¬ – in the case of national or state lotteries, that could probably be millions of people. The chances of hitting the jackpot are pretty infinitesimal; however, your chances of winning one of the smaller prizes are much greater. In any case, with so many permutations of numbers to choose, are there any good strategies that might make a difference? Google this question and you will be inundated with advice. We’ve put together some of the most popular suggestions for picking winning lottery numbers, so read on!

Using Statistics to Choose Numbers

Choosing numbers based on how often they come up is  probably no more likely to win than a set of random numbers, because statistically every number has an equal chance of being drawn in any given draw. But nevertheless it is true that some numbers are drawn more often than others.
The most frequently drawn numbers do change over time, and differ from lottery to lottery, so if you want to use this method, do some research on the latest ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers for the lottery you want to enter.
Bear in mind that a lot of people use the strategy of choosing from the numbers most often drawn numbers, so if you choose to go down this road, there's a greater chance you will have to share your winnings with others going in the same direction. Alternatively, you could choose to pick from the least frequently drawn numbers, and if you win you won’t be splitting your prize with so many other people!

Numerology for the Win

Another popular strategy is to use numbers that you consider lucky, or have personal meaning to you. These could be your birthday or anniversary, or that of other family members, your age or that of other family members, the street number of your house or apartment number, other special dates, etc.
Another choice is to pick numbers that recur frequently in your life, for no apparent reason. Examples are looking at the clock at the same time almost every day or checking your car’s speedometer and always seeing the same reading, or often being assigned the same seat in an airplane without asking for it. These numbers are as good as any for choosing winning lottery numbers ¬– you just never know … in fact, many big winners have won using this method. Using numerology, it is also less likely that someone else will choose the exact same numbers as you. 

Use a Random Number Generator

If you just couldn’t be bothered to agonise over number choosing decisions, whether statistically, intuitively or by magical thinking, then using a random number generator is the perfect way of making your selection. Your lottery website might have one, or you can use Google to easily find one. Simply enter the numbers from 1 to the lottery’s maximum number and click away for your winning numbers. You can complicate things by choosing only every second number for your compilation, for example.
An even more fun and engaging way to pick numbers is to make your very own random number generator. Print all the lottery numbers on some thin card, then cut out each number on a small square and put in a bag. Shake it up and without looking draw a number. Shake and draw until you have all the numbers you need to fill a lottery ticket. Perhaps different family members can take turns at drawing numbers for more entries. 
Finally, remember that buying lottery tickets is gambling on a small scale (well, for most people). It’s fun to dream big, but your chances of a life-changing win are small; by all means have a little flutter, but don’t blow your budget!

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