Most Frequent Slot Questions - Part 1

Slots! There’s something magical about them, right? And with magic comes mystery… How does it all work? What are the secrets? The truth is, there really aren’t any secrets when it comes to casinos, real-world slots, and online slots. The information is out there; you just have to read it. Lucky for you, we're here to help! 

As I’ve been whetting my beak playing real money slots right here on, I’ve seen lots of questions come up that I’ve heard elsewhere for many years, too: Is there a best time to play slots? What happens if you don’t get lucky? When should you cash out? While there are other questions too, these are the most frequently asked questions about slots - so let’s focus on these for now, shall we?

First, I’m sure you’ve heard this before, in reference to land-based casinos: People claim that slot machines pay out better during off-peak times. Not only is this untrue at physical casinos, it’s especially untrue for online casinos, where’s it’s always off-peak somewhere. Whether you’re at The Luxor or Online at - as we mention in this blog post, slot machines work on random number generators, and those numbers are just as random at two in the afternoon as they are at two in the morning. If you’ve seen anything to the contrary, it’s just anecdotal.

Speaking of anecdotes, I often see players upset when they don't have a big win playing slots on a particular day - and later that week, hear of the same player winning a huge jackpot. Such is the way with slots, or any game! Sometimes you're up, and sometimes you're down. Either way, when you're gambling responsibly, you shouldn’t feel bad at all! The experience of slot play is the fun part! Do you walk away with monetary winnings when you play video games or ride roller coasters? Of course not, but the journey was amazing, wasn’t it? The thrill? We’d all do better to think of slots the same way.

Though of course, let's not forget the times we are ahead when playing real money slots! So when should you cash out? I get asked this one a lot, and my answer is always the same: Ultimately, that decision is yours, and yours alone. If you’ve just won some money, are you okay with walking away, and not enjoying slot machines anymore that day? Or, are you having so much fun that it’s worth it to keep playing, and spend that extra money, just for the fun experience? We have several blog topics on this particular question, notably this post - De-Stigmatizing Slot Play. Set your budget! Of course, it’s always important to set loss limits, but nobody wants to limit their wins, right? When you can, just try to put a little back in your pocket for your next fun session – there’s always tomorrow, after all.

Have you noticed a theme here yet? Have I said the word “fun” enough times? That’s what it all comes down to! Play slots when it’s most fun for you - and when this is done, it's always a win.
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